Hiding Friends on Your Facebook Wall for iPhone

You can’t hide friends in the iPhone Facebook application, but you can change the view so that you only see friends in certain Friends Lists (groups).  You can create, for example, a list of BFFs, and a list of Hidden friends.  Then you can view the list you want to see on your iPhone Facebook application.

  1. First, create Friends Lists in Facebook (Web version on your PC, for example).
    1. Click Profile on the top right.
    2. Scroll down to Friends and click See All.
    3. At the top of the Friends list, click Create New List.
    4. Name the list “Hidden”, for example, then click Create List.
  2. Next, add the Friend to one of your lists.
    1. On the Friends list next to the Friend’s name, click Add to List.
    2. Select “Hidden” if you want to put the Friend in a list that you don’t want to see on your iPhone, or
    3. Select “BFF” (or whichever list you choose) for the Friends you want to see.
  3. On your iPhone Facebook application, go to the News Feed page.
  4. Touch the Live Feed button, then scroll down and touch the Friends List you want to see, then touch the Done button.The Friends List name for the current view will display on the button (BFF, for example), until you select a new Friends list to view.
  5. To return to view all Friends on your News Feed page, touch the Friends List button (such as BFF), then touch Live Feed, and touch the Done button.
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